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3" Replacement ball

Price: $112.00

3" Ball for Flip-Over Hitch. Allows you to pull a trailer equipped with 3" coupler.

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5th wheel base plate

Price: $457.00

5th wheel baseplates for underbed gooseneck hitches


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CAG-BW or FO replacement slug/posts

Price: $102.00

CAG (Convert-A-Goose) Base plate Slugs ONLY

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FL1005B High rise ball

Price: $126.00

FL1005B High rise ball, 2 5/16" for Flipover Hitch only

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Price: $243.00

FL1005 SS ball only

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Price: $134.00

FL2 Kingpin to FlipOver gooseneck hitch adapter.

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FL4 flipover 4" offset ball

Price: $152.00

4" offset ball for Flip-Over hitch only, (will not fit Model 317 or 318 use part #FL4B)

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FL4B (use for model 317, 318 and 320 only)

Price: $162.00

FL4B - 4" offset ball, only fits model 317 and 318

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Price: $152.00

FLC - Companion Adatper (Model 3000)

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Price: $194.00

FLC-1 Companion Adapter (Model 3500)


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