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RVGC-Adjustable - 5th wheel King Pin Box for Gooseneck Hitch

Price: $954.00

The 5th wheel King Pin Box for gooseneck hitch replaces your 5th wheel king pin box on your 5th wheel trailer. The Fifth wheel king pin box for gooseneck hitch are rated at 24,000 pounds of towing capacity and use the Popup Hitch Self-Latching remote unlatch gooseneck trailer coupler. They come in two categories, one has an adjustable gooseneck trailer coupler and the other has a fixed gooseneck trailer coupler.
The RVGC Gooseneck Trailer Coupler is a product that will allow you to pull your 5th wheel RV camper with a Gooseneck Hitch ball without having to bolt on an adapter. This is a one piece product that bolts onto your existing bolt holes where your 5th wheel king pin box is mounted. Simply unbolt your existing 5th wheel trailer king pin box and install the RVGC in the same bolt holes. This product is rated at 24,000 lbs and a tongue weight rating of 6,500 lbs.
The RVGC-F is the fixed version of the 5th wheel king pin box for a gooseneck hitch.  Most 5th wheel trailer frames have 3 different hole patterns for a small height adjustment which gives you about 3" of adjustment where it bolts to the 5th wheel trailer frame.
The RVGC-A is the adjustable 5th wheel king pin box for a gooseenck hitch version which gives you 4" of adjustment down by the trailer coupler and most 5th wheel trailer manufacturers have adjustable whole patterns to allow you an extra 3" of adjustment. Which makes the total about 7" of adjustment.
RVGC-A Special Build - Select this model if you need a model that is not listed. Put in speical notes the model you need.
4205A - fits lippert 1621, 0719
4210A - fits lippert 1716, 1116, 0115.  Fabex 500, 503, 520, 530, 560. RBW 7028
4225A - fits Fabex 300, 314, 316, 330.  Lippert 0516, RBW 7027
4235A - fits Fabex 665, 663
4230A - fits Venture CJ13515, CJ131517
4200A - fits Youngs medium and long models
4250A - fits Fabex 660
4255A - fits Fabex 765, 770, 730.   RBW 7019
4245A - fits Fabex 770ik
4220A - fits Dexter 221-0023-00,   Leland 7920, 7910, 7900
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