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Weld-In Flip-Over gooseneck hitch

Price: $238.00

Weld the flat bed gooseneck hitch top plate and or the side gusset structure to your flat bed structure, it may require additional bracing not included with the hitch. A guide tab is welded under the pickup truck bed close to the driver side of your truck bed for the Gooseneck Hitch ball release handle. For bed level installation a 3-1/2” hole is required in the bed deck for the Gooseneck Hitch.

Popup gooseneck hitch, Flip-Over Gooseneck Hitch for flat bed pickups: 2-5/16” ball, 30,000 pounds gross trailer weight. Rotate the handle 90 degrees to release the goosneck ball and you can Flip-Over (TurnOver) the goosneck hitch ball for a level bed or to change to a larger gooseneck ball or taller gooseneck hitch ball. The gooseneck hitch ball can rotate in the socket to keep the socket clean and save the ball from a bad coupler.

You do not have to try to hook or catch a small handle to release or lock the ball and there are no corners to collect dirt that can freeze the ball in the socket.